From shortage of developers

To flexible shell

With complement in capacity and expertise

tech stack

Used tools & technologies
  • .Net
  • Java

Based in Vianen, DearNova works with approximately 70 professionals on diverse IT projects for wonderful customers such as Dela, PostNL, the Volksbank and Vivat. ‘We execute progress’: from this motto we support our customers in their digital transformation.

As a full-service partner, we create technological innovations that make our customers truly happy. Our self-directed teams of strategists, designers and developers develop innovative interactive web solutions that our clients’ end users use effortlessly. Consider, for example, a Track & Trace system for PostNL.


structural need for a flexible shell

Since 2016, DearNova has been actively working with Team Rockstars IT. We work on a project basis for various clients and structurally need a flexible shell. In this we experimented a bit with agencies, but we quickly came to the conclusion that Team Rockstars IT belongs to our plan-A.

The IT Rockstars complement our teams in capacity and expertise. Selling “no” to customers with whom you have a great partnership is no longer necessary this way. In addition, this partnership also gives us room to be more creative with resources. It is sometimes quite a puzzle to align schedules when dealing with multiple teams and areas of expertise.


working on the basis of equality

We work together on the basis of equality. I think this is also the main reason we are partners with each other. We have the same quality standards and a great DNA fit. I also notice that core values such as open and honest correspond well, something we at DearNova consider important. This results in good cooperation. In fact, all of the IT Rockstars who have worked with us in recent years could be 1-on-1 regular colleagues.

As a result, we now dare to choose almost blindly one of the software engineers presented. Team Rockstars IT understands us and that inspires confidence. There are currently 5 IT Rockstars working with us.


At DearNova, we believe that satisfied employees contribute greatly to better performance. Within our company, we are very progressive in this on a number of fronts.

In recent years, we have really made a transition from top down management to self-directed teams. This is because we believe that smart people can make smart choices and in doing so, we encourage responsibility and development of our employees. Let alone the job satisfaction a person derives from facing self-chosen challenge. Within self-directed teams, responsibilities are invested in roles and everyone is free to claim and perform one or more roles.

We believe in the effect of the mindset “just do it, mistakes are allowed as long as you learn from them. Team Rockstars IT’s software developers also contribute to this in the form of knowledge sharing, feedback sessions and demos for customers. In addition, at DearNova we dwell a lot on the connection within and between teams. This ranges from a Christmas drink to knowledge sessions on a newly used technology.


Colleagues on Team Rockstars fit seamlessly into our culture and are quick to level up. As a result, they immediately add value for us and the end customer. This is something we are critical of, and on which we always receive confirmation that Team Rockstars IT understands us well. In addition, we give all colleagues responsibility and autonomy. This is how we encourage them to make an impact. Indeed, within the projects, we try to let teams choose the most appropriate technology themselves. After all, developments in the field are so rapid that nothing is set in stone. Within DearNova we focus on the Java and .NET domain, applying the highest quality standards.

We enjoy doing fun things together with Team Rockstars IT, such as an evening of Guus Meeuwis or a race at Zandvoort. This certainly also contributes informally to a bright future together.

I trust the quality and personalities within Team Rockstars. They automatically find their way within our self-directed teams time after time, and that produces great results!

“Colleagues from Team Rockstars fit seamlessly into our culture and are quick to level up.”

Erik Post, Customer Solution Manager at DearNova