70/30 model faq

Learn all about our 70/30 construction.

70/30, what is that?

The 70/30 model (also known as midlancing) is a compensation model based on transparency and doing business together. You know what amount you are with the client for, and 70% of this amount always goes to you.

Most of this you will receive monthly in the form of fixed earnings and a small portion you will receive at the end of the year in the form of a variable annual bonus.

So we never have discussions about who gets what portion of the money earned, and your earnings are directly proportional to your performance and growth.

What “firmness” can I count on with the 70/30 model?

In the 70/30 construction, you experience the same permanence as in regular permanent employment. You get the same fixed gross monthly salary, vacation pay and pension every month (even if you are not billable).

We also set aside a fixed amount each month for your lease budget, laptop, phone, training, certifications and courses.

What amounts can I expect to receive as salary?

What you will receive in salary, lease budget and other “fixed income” will depend on the hourly rate we rate you at when you start at Rockstars. In 99% of the cases, you will go up a step in your regular salary. To this is added the annual bonus of an average of €18,600.

Here are some examples (Note: these amounts exclude pensions)

Experience Junior Medior Senior
Hourly rate (averages) €65 €80 €95
Fixed salary €3.600 €4.500 €5.300
Vacation money €288 €360 €424
Lease budget + fuel €750 €850 €950
Training + Laptop + Phone €150 €175 €200
Total monthly basis €4.788 €5.885 €6.874
Expected annual bonus €16.200 €19.500 €23.600
Total annualized €73.656 €90.120 €106.088

What about the bonus?

At the end of the year, we take stock. We take 70% of your annual turnover and we subtract from this the firmness you received each month. The amount remaining is your annual bonus.

Check the table above to see how high it averages. You also have the option of submitting a wildcard, which allows you to have your accrued bonus paid out earlier.

How high will my hourly rate be?

The hourly rate the client pays for you depends on a number of factors. Basically, we want to stay away from thinking in junior/medior/senior as much as possible, but this is the easiest for the math examples to illustrate things. In particular, your level will be based on the following factors:

-The techniques you work with

-The number of years of experience you have

-How much time you put into personal development

-Impact you make with the customer

-The level of your soft skills

-Experience gained within certain sectors

Rates within Team Rockstars IT vary approximately between 60 and 120 euros. On average, juniors are at about 65-70 euros, mediors at 80-85 and seniors at 95-100.

When will my bonus be paid out?

Your bonus is paid at the end of a year of service. Have you accumulated a nice bonus in the interim and want the bonus paid out sooner? Then you can apply for a wildcard.

What happens to my “permanence” if I don’t have a project, am sick, or on vacation?

If you are not billable because you are (long-term) sick, on vacation or do not have a project, nothing changes regarding your permanency. You always get the same salary, even if you were not billable for an entire year.

What happens if I made less revenue at the end of the year than I received in fixed salary, transportation, training, etc.?

Suppose you are unexpectedly ill for an extended period of time that prevents you from working, but you do receive salary each month, you may accumulate a negative bonus balance. Do you have a negative bonus balance at the end of a service year? In that case, Team Rockstars IT resets your bonus balance back to 0. So this risk is included in Team Rockstars IT’s 30%.

Will I get a lease car?

We set aside a monthly amount for mobility. If you decide to drive a leased car from this, it is possible. Suppose you want to use your own car and have only the mileage reimbursed, the amount of your mobility allowance will automatically go into your regular salary.

How high is my leasing budget?

The amount of your leasing budget depends on your hourly rate and your own preferences. In principle, you are free to shift the money that comes in through your 70%. On average, the amount of the leasing budget (excluding fuel) varies approximately from €500 (junior) to €750 (senior) per month. `

If you would still like to drive a Tesla, we will shift money from your salary to your regular income so that this becomes possible.

Can I take my lease car from my previous employer?

It is common for new IT Rockstars to still have a leased car from a previous employer that they would like to take with them. This is possible and generally perceived as a simple process.

Am I a freelancer or am I on contract?

All IT Rockstars are on contract with Team Rockstars IT.

How long is the probationary period?

There is no probationary period. If you succeed in convincing us of your skills, we will express our confidence in you by immediately offering you a permanent contract.

How much pension do I accrue?

How much pension you accrue depends on your age and salary. Our pension plan is a defined contribution plan which means that based on your age, a certain percentage of your salary is deposited into the pension plan. As an IT Rockstar, from your salary you pay 4% of the pension premium yourself, Team Rockstars IT pays the rest of your premium. If you want additional retirement savings, you can additionally take advantage of the voluntary additional savings plan.

Is it possible to work part-time?

As an IT Rockstar, it is possible to work 32, 36 or 40 hours.

How many vacation days do I have?

As an IT Rockstar, you have unlimited days off. We trust you can make your own judgment in how many days off you need annually to be a Happy Developer. You know yourself what impact taking days off will have on your annual revenue (and thus your bonus), so we see this as something you are responsible for.

Does Team Rockstars IT also hire freelancers?

Team Rockstars IT does not hire freelancers. We do have a freelance academy, in which we offer IT Rockstars hands-on workshops to make their dream come true: becoming a freelancer.

Am I responsible for finding projects on my own?

Team Rockstars IT has a dedicated sales team of about 20 account managers responsible for finding you an assignment that fits what you are interested in.

If you want to activate your own network to find a project, that is possible, but absolutely no obligation.

We see the 70/30 model as doing business together, and that includes the following division of labor: You do everything related to IT, we do the rest.

What happens if I am presented with a project that does not interest me?

Team Rockstars IT’s motto is “Happy Developers, High Impact.” We believe it is essential that you get on a project that you really enjoy, as this will lead to you making more impact with our clients.

If you are presented with a project you are not interested in, our promise is that you always have the right to refuse it. Even if no other option is available (yet).

How long is the travel time?

What is an acceptable travel time for you, we always determine by mutual agreement. Because we work in six chapters (regions), each of which has its own clients, we have a good number of clients in each part of the country.

Before working from home became the norm i.e. Covid-19, the average door-to-door travel time during rush hour was about 34 minutes.