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Agile engineering is a way of working that focuses on flexibility and agility. As a Product Owner or Scrum Master, you work in a multidisciplinary team and are involved in the entire development process. That’s why in our tribe we pay a lot of attention to development to take your career to the next level.

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A major advantage of agile engineering is the speed of development. Short iterations and regular feedback cycles allow you to respond quickly to changing customer needs. And that speed of development is the foundation of our tribe. How can we continue to develop ourselves? What certifications are important and what training can you take for them? But we also share trade books and interesting videos.

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Insights for design IT architecture.

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Product Owners and Scrummasters

I made the move from lead developer to Product Owner

Pascal, Product Owner | Java Engineer

I give talks on DDD, BDD and specification by example

Jacob, Tribe lead | Software Architect
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Knowledge sharing at team rockstars.

Knowledge sharing is extremely important to us at Team Rockstars. This means getting to know each other, learning from each other and discovering new things every day. Our Agile Tribe leads are the voice for the tribe within our organization. Curious how to become a tribe lead?

Agile engineering


As Product Owner or Scrum Master it is important to know your market value. We believe that knowing your market value allows you to raise your profile and negotiate salary and benefits.

Many Scrum Masters and Product Owners discover after hearing their market value that they are underpaid and that there is no transparency about the structure. Discover your market value with our tool and receive it on your 06 number within one business day. If you wish, we will remove your number afterwards.

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Knowledge sharing is a high priority at Team Rockstars; we want to connect all existing IT knowledge. That’s why we work in tribes! Make a choice below to enter your domain.