Are you a software engineer and want to know how much salary you should earn based on your age, IT experience and education? We give you insight into your market value.


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Fill out the tool to find out what salary you should be getting as a software engineer. Whether you’re a Java, .NET, Frontend or Mobile Engineer or DevOps, Cloud Test Automation or Data engineer, it’s important to know your market value in the market. It helps you negotiate salary and make important career decisions.

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Why you need to know your market value.

Why knowing your market value is so important.

By knowing what your market value is, you can ensure that you are fairly compensated for your work and take the right steps to develop your career.

Understanding your market value will help you better negotiate salary and benefits when you change jobs or apply for a promotion with your current employer.

Earn more than the rest.

At Team Rockstars IT, we work with a 70/30 model. Also known as a midlance construction, or the midlance model. Because we believe that good performance should be rewarded, most (70%) of the revenue goes to those who really make a difference: we call them IT Rockstars!

Within this construction, the securities of permanent employment (at least monthly 55% of your own turnover, comparable to a market-based fixed salary) are combined with the freedoms from being self-employed: you choose your own projects. As a rule, software engineers advance 25% to 40% at Team Rockstars IT, naturally continuing to make annual strides as their market value grows.

Midlance, 70/30 and secondment: the differences

Why do so many IT profes ...


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Mitchel Nijdam is software developer bij Team Rockstars IT

Giving pizza sessions at Team Rockstars IT allows me to help others.

Mitchel, Software engineer
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My software reaches hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Mark, Special Agent | Solution architect