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Our Cloud Tribe of top tech experts design, develop and maintain impressive cloud infrastructure. As a Cloud/DevOps engineer, developer or architect with us, you will have the opportunity to work with leading vendors such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. We build scalable, reliable systems that help clients grow, from consulting to implementation.

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Cloud / Devops engineer

As a Cloud or DevOps Engineer at Team Rockstars IT, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the future of technology and innovation. Building scalable, reliable systems that help customers grow can have a huge impact on society and the world around us.

Working as a Cloud or DevOps Engineer in our tech tribe offers the opportunity to work with leading cloud vendors such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. This presents unique challenges, such as dealing with complex cloud architectures, managing large data sets and optimizing performance and security.

Our tribe has a combination of technical- and strong communication skills. The ability to collaborate with other team members and clients is just as important as the ability to design and implement complex cloud infrastructure.

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Lindy Hutz Solution Architect bij Team Rockstars IT

I have been elected Cloud Special Agent!

Lindy, Software Engineer | Cloud tribe lead
Bart Kooijmans senior software engineer

At Team Rockstars IT, I can share my cloud experience with the world.

Jesse, Software Engineer | Solution Architect
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Knowledge sharing at team rockstars.

Knowledge sharing is extremely important to us at Team Rockstars. This means getting to know each other, learning from each other and discovering new things every day. Our Automated Testing Tribe leads are the voice for the tribe within our organization and possess all the knowledge about the entire automated testing ecosystem. Curious how to become a tribe lead?

Cloud & DevOps engineers


By knowing what the average salary is for someone with the same skills and experience, a DevOps or Cloud Engineer can determine whether he or she deserves a fair salary and whether it is time to negotiate for a higher salary.

Many Cloud/DevOps engineers discover, after hearing their market value, that they are underpaid and that there is no transparency about construction. Discover your market value with our tool and receive it on your 06 number within one business day. If you wish, we will remove your number afterwards.

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