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Get specialized knowledge and experience by hiring a Team Rockstars consultant. Our tech expert offers solutions to specific cloud, data, or software engineering issues.

why you might want to hire a developer



Following your request, we will discuss the specific need for expertise together. What domain knowledge should the senior consultant have, what tech issue needs to be answered, what is the current stage of your project?


Introducing resumes
Based on the specific needs and requirements for your project, we will send the CV of the best-suited consultant. This provides valuable information to make a decision about collaboration. This allows you to evaluate and compare the qualifications, skills, experience and background of the tech expert with the requirements of the project.



At this stage, you as a company can assess whether our IT Rockstar consultant fits your culture and way of working. In addition, you will get a better idea of our expert’s capabilities and expertise. This helps in planning and managing the project.


Start collaboration

The consultant gets to work on your tech issue. Our account manager keeps a finger on the pulse at all times and is ready to answer all your questions.

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happy consultants

Developers and Engineers at Team Rockstars are known to have the highest job happiness scores in the Netherlands. A consultant is an important asset to your business and can contribute to its success and growth:

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hire the best engineer

Our experienced software engineering consultants can evaluate and improve existing systems. If you need new technologies, they diligently introduce them to increase productivity.

Team Rockstars IT consultants contribute to the development of new products and services and help establish a solid software infrastructure for future growth and innovation. Whether it’s cloud data or software issues, invest in the future of your business with our experts.



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If you would like to learn more about hiring the expertise of our consultants please fill out the contact form below. We will contact you within 2 business days to see which IT Rockstar is best suited for your challenge or project.