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Good, better, best, IT Rockstar. As an engineer, do you feel drawn to the best tech experts in the Netherlands? Thanks to our 3 pillars, the DevHappiness score for our 400+ developers and engineers is sky-high 8.7.

Keuzevrijheid & begeleiding

customization career as IT Rockstar

The interpretation of the term “IT Rockstar” depends on your ambition. The very best software engineer, a java champion, a principal consultant or special agent: you are number one for us and are therefore treated like true rock stars. And oh yeah, everyone will recognize you by the unmistakable Rockstar merchandise 😉

Facts that rock


Happy engineers

8.9 job happiness

Our IT Rockstars rate their job happiness the very highest compared to peers in the Netherlands.


Women in tech

She's an IT Rockstar

We are fully committed to enthusing more and more female engineers for the profession.




Sharing is caring. Our events are the artery of the organization. Everything we stand for and the unique culture that comes with it is tasted in every event!

Rockstar Community

tech tribes & region hubs

Within Team Rockstars IT, we have divided our tech stack into tribes. Automated Testing, Cloud & DevOps, Frontend & Mobile, Java, Microsoft, Agile and Data. So an IT Rockstar joins a community where knowledge sharing is central.

In addition, we are all divided into regional hubs, so you can collaborate close to home, with area peers on projects. Result? Little travel time. So 100% focus on impact.


What do our rockstars say?

Lindy, Cloud engineer

‘With 70 Rockstar colleagues on Winter Sports in Gerlos was great!’

Max, Cloud engineer
fairness & transparantie

70/30 model

Working in Team Rockstars IT’s 70/30 model means no risk. You get a permanent contract right away and you always get the same fixed salary, even if you don’t have an assignment for a while.

Your fixed salary grows annually with your hourly rate. In addition to the fixed part, you will also earn a variable salary. This is the difference between the fixed revenue you get and your total 70% revenue.



IT Rockstars make an impact on projects at clients nationwide. This is what it’s all about. Our Rockstars tell their own stories about their projects with the clients listed below.


She’s an IT Rockstar

Team Rockstars IT believes diversity in the workplace is important because it ensures better performance and a better working atmosphere. Unfortunately, the balance between female and male developers is really skewed in the Netherlands. What can we do to make the tech world more attractive to women so that even more women can say, I’m an IT Rockstar!

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tribes & tech stack

Knowledge sharing is a high priority at Team Rockstars; we want to connect all existing IT knowledge. That’s why we work in tribes! Make a choice below to enter your domain.

tech podcasts

A 5-part interview series focusing on the technology and experience of 5 IT Rockstars. Our company’s house coaches thought it would be a good idea to pass the interview baton to someone who has a lot of knowledge in technology. None other than our own Pascal Quist is hosting this show!