From shortage of developers

To flexible shell

consisting of plug-and-play developers.

tech stack

Used tools & technologies
  • Azure Cloud

“Within Code Sharp, we create software with a current focus on the HR domain, in addition to other systems such as SAP. We started first by creating a complete document management system including digital signing and building custom integrations.

This has since grown into a complete digital workplace platform with which we optimally support companies in their process. The organization has evolved from a small start-up to 5 full-time employees in recent years and has also been supported on a flexible basis by several IT Rockstars in recent years. Currently, IT Rockstars Frank, Gert Jan and Martijn are here on project.”


Good IT staff is scarce

Several years ago, we came to the realization that we needed to attract top developers to fulfill our ambitions. We chose to work with Team Rockstars IT because we need flexibility and because the scarcity in the market is very high for good IT personnel. The flexibility is so important to us because quotation processes with large corporate clients often take a long time. This brings uncertainty, but also requires clout if a deal falls through.

This also provides scope for developing new systems and renewing the architecture of existing applications. As a result, changes within the complex software no longer have an impact on other systems, work can be done according to future standards, and new people do not have to be inducted into a domain for as long.


Getting up to speed quickly

We have enjoyed working with Team Rockstars IT for the past two years! We have high quality standards, a dynamic culture (stage scale-up) and a difficult (HR) domain.

Matches are really made on personality level and fit with the culture in addition to expertise. With us-as in probably all other startups-there is absolutely no 9 to 5 mentality and you really have to do it together as a team.

In addition, the IT Rockstars quickly rose to the level, regularly verified whether they were well on their way and felt the responsibility to produce a good result. We are super critical of the added value provided by IT Rockstars and in this they have consistently delivered!


I firmly believe that when you do something you enjoy, the results come naturally! So within Code Sharp, I periodically ask my colleagues, including IT Rockstars, the question “Are you doing the right things and having fun doing them?” By having an especially open conversation about this, you are then much easier to do something with the feedback. For example, we recently changed the entire company floor because an IT person wanted to feel more connected to his other teammates. Also, we always match work to the talents and ambitions of our software developers as closely as possible: you notice that this gets them into a nice flow.

In addition, the theme of “together” is really central to Code Sharp. Whether it’s a joint IT knowledge lunch about Azure and Kubernetes, for example, a Friday afternoon drink or celebrating a success at the bowling alley, we really do it together.

In terms of working methodology, we have also been experimenting a lot with agile lately. We realize that it is not a holy grail but, partly by being very open about it to each other, we are trying to find an optimal path in it!


We find that IT Rockstars quickly bring varied knowledge to the table. This is applicable within the projects we do and provides learning opportunities for our own software developers. In addition, I described earlier that flexibility is hugely important at this stage of the organization, but I also notice that we have real commitment from the IT Rockstars. That feels like a great foundation for our growth.

In fact, when working with our clients, this results in a shorter time to market because you have much more power to make things happen for your client. If you can positively surprise a client with this, they are also more likely to place a follow-up order with you.

The collaboration is taking more and more shape, so that by now we really only need 3 words! At Team Rockstars IT, I don’t feel that they are trying to “put away” a consultant but rather that they are thinking with me. I get added value for the challenge I have at the time. I really notice this in the match they make in which they carefully check what we need on a personal and experience level.

“At Team Rockstars, it’s plug and play every time!”

Bas Verzijden, co-owner of Code Sharp