Checkmate with Chatgpt

After a first successful edition of Checkmate with ChatGPT, we are organizing a second edition at our headquarters in Den Bosch on Friday, December 1. Learn to combine the power of artificial intelligence with your chess skills. And that’s not all! If you register for the event, you will have a chance to win an exclusive personalized chess set.

Checkmate with chatgpt

Are we entering checkmate or is there still a future for us?

With the advent of ChatGPT, AI is at the next level. We have deployed ChatGPT as a chess computer and through and browser automation tooling we will play chess against ChatGPT.

In this session, you will learn how to handle ChatGPT tooling and exchange even the most complex objects like a complete chessboard. We are going to give ChatGPT an interface by deploying browser automation tooling. This provides insight into the endless possibilities and applicability of ChatGPT!


locatie: HQ Den Bosch

On an empty stomach, of course, you can’t get started. Enjoy delicious food while networking with trade and industry peers.

We’ll dive in together and show you the magic of Checkmate with ChatGPT.

The kings fell, the pawns battled and we all enjoyed the excitement of chess. Now it is time to relax and enjoy during the closing drinks.


To be present is to experience. Seeing is believing.
Don’t wait any longer and register for Checkmate with ChatGPT on Tuesday, January 30 in Den Bosch.

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