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Since our founding in 2015, we have developed into an industry leader in secondment and more recently consulting.

Team Rockstars IT consulting is not just consulting work. It is a combination of in-depth knowledge and practical implementation. We listen to our clients’ challenges and deliver not only advice, but actual solutions.

Our consulting focuses on short-cycle, impactful advisory processes, conveying our vision and expertise to drive concrete change.

java champions, mvp’s & google experts

Our strength lies in our people. We are proud of our “tribes” from Java, Agile, Cloud to Architecture, among others, led by recognized thought leaders and developers.

Our consulting team includes Java Champions, Microsoft MVPs and Google Experts. We don’t give them this stamp of quality ourselves – the recognition comes from outside. The communities elected them thought leaders. With this recognition on board, we guarantee that our consultants are not only talented, but also externally validated and respected.

your next career step

Why do top professionals like Lucienne Imming (Google Developer Expert), Edwin Derks (Java Champion), or Marcel van Brakel (Microsoft MVP) choose to work as a Principal Consultant at Team Rockstars IT? Because we believe in development throughout careers.

With our unique and technically advanced career paths, we encourage growth from senior level and provide opportunities to develop into internationally recognized experts. We are on our way to being a high-end IT partner by 2027 and are looking for people who want to make this journey with us.

rocksolid software.

RockSOLID Software is the hallmark of top quality software and outstanding mastery. With three essential areas – Environment, Development & Reliability – we take software development to the next level. Our principal consultants are at the forefront of the development of our seal of approval.

That’s how I became a Java Champion, and that’s how you can become one too

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customer contact first.

We believe it is important to always stay in touch with our customers and partners. This is why we regularly sit down with CTOs, CEOs, IT managers and other C-level positions to always know what’s going on within the company.