Since its founding in 2015, Team Rockstars IT has grown to become a top-3 developers’ house in the Netherlands with a team of more than 500 selected Software Developers. On a project basis, they develop IT solutions for our customers. We are growing fast and our ambitions are endless (think acquisitions and abroad). Within Team Rockstars IT, passion and fun come together. Our style is different. With us, the career and happiness of the IT worker is what matters, as he or she is our “IT Rockstar”!

Based on our philosophy of “Disrupt the world of working with happiness,” we launched a completely new way of working in 2015; completely tailored to the needs of the IT professionals who will define the world of tomorrow! Our customers recognize this and know how to find us more and more as a result. and benefit from this. Clients such as Rabobank, Tennet, ABN-AMRO, NS, Jumbo, ASML, Kadaster, Alliander, KPN, Ziggo and Essent are examples.

Rocking Diversity

At Team Rockstars IT we embrace a corporate culture as diverse as the digital world itself, from our philosophy and view of the (working) world we want to be a home for everyone. We realize that breaking through frameworks is not always easy, but that is what makes us even more driven to make a difference. We realize that the power of innovation lies in the mix of different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, but this is where we as a company are far from. We still have a long way to go and would love to change this, together with you! So, if you are a Rockstar at heart, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or background, we challenge you to join us on an adventure to break the current status quo.

This is what energizes you

Do you really want to be responsible for a complete line from A to Z? You can at Team Rockstars IT! An IT club? You read it right! We have long had our own merchandise line. In collaboration with the designer of DJ Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Revealed, among others, we design a sledgehammer fat collection for our 600+ employees each year.

Why? Our merchandise is worn by everyone in our organization with nothing less than absolute pride. Swimsuits, bathing suits, ski caps, leather jackets, biker jackets, sweaters, shirts or flip-flops; we have it all. Because our company is growing so fast (from 0 – 600 employees in less than seven years), our merchandise line is more important than ever, but the project is also bigger than ever. And we could use the necessary support and guidance to do so.

Among other things, what will you be doing?

  • Researching the latest trends for the benefit of our new collection
  • Designing the collection in collaboration with Marketing Chief Miriam & ‘our’ Rogier of ROCH design
  • Determining size arcs
  • Checking fabrics and samples
  • Webshop filling
  • Preparing and conducting photo shoots
  • Preparing and executing fashion shows
  • And much more…

So do you feel like doing things completely different for once; but gaining a BAK of knowledge for your education? Then respond quickly!

Want to see in advance what we do? Check out this video and our latest collection!

This is where you recognize yourself

Nobody fits all the boxes, but if you come very close to a perfect score you may call immediately!

  • You are studying at the mbo or hbo;
  • You are pursuing a fashion related education;
  • You are available between January 2024 and September 2024;
  • HOURS! You meet our core values: Cordial, Open, Energetic, Rebellious and Ambitious.

This is what we have to offer you

You step into a benefits package that says you!

  • A young and energetic work environment with enthusiastic colleagues;
  • An internship stipend of €450 based on 40 hours;
  • Help and guidance from your internship supervisor with your school assignment and internship;
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST; the fun Friday afternoon drinks, many parties and outings!