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Martijn van Dongen has given 3 AWS focused webinars in coorperation with Team Rockstars IT. These are all fully spoken in English and about the following subjects:

Leadership says “Cloud first” – now what?

Suddenly the CEO of your company changed his mind, from ‘no cloud’ to ‘cloud first’. It happens a lot, and is still going on. There are really good frameworks, books, papers, theories, webinars, that describe how to adopt cloud and migrate to the cloud. Martijn is an advocate of guiding principles and values: “Instead of spending a lot of time reading and watching all that content, and end up doing it ‘your own way, anyway’, join this webinar. Learn, practice and evolve the principles and values that I share in this session.”

Six ways to accelerate your AWS learning journey

Martijn has been learning AWS technology for 6 years now, and developed his own “way of learning framework”. Today, AWS is just too big to learn everything. You have to make a smart selection, avoid repetition, simplify things, make it more fun, and most important: learn together. In this webinar, Martijn will share some thoughts how to organize learning AWS for yourself and to guide your team.

Practical use case of an AWS well-architectted review

The AWS Well-Architected Framework enables customers to validate their workload against best practices provided by AWS. You can review your own work, or request a third party review. The Well-Architected Framework is a big thing. In this session, I’ll introduce a typical use case, and highlight some important findings during a Well-Architected Review (WAR). You’ll learn the value of the review, some tips & tricks on-the-fly, and manage the expectations when you plan a WAR.


Leadership says “Cloud first”, now what?


Six ways to accelerate your AWS learning journey


Practical use case of an AWS well-architected review

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