Team Rockstars has become a fixture in IT Netherlands in less than 10 years. With over 600 colleagues, we work daily on software projects for clients such as ASML, Rabobank, Essent, Kadaster and KPN.

The goal is to become the IT champion of the Netherlands. And we do this in a special way: the Rockstars method. We wrote a #1 book about it, but in short: treat your employees like Rockstars. “The best for rockstar is the best for everyone” and “we disrupt the world of working with happiness.” Our clients subscribe to this method, and find daily that our philosophy allows us to connect the best IT professionals, who are also intrinsically motivated to do the best for our clients.

Rocking Diversity
At Team Rockstars IT we embrace a corporate culture as diverse as the digital world itself, from our philosophy and view of the (working) world we want to be a home for everyone. We realize that breaking through frameworks is not always easy, but that is what makes us even more driven to make a difference. We realize that the power of innovation lies in the mix of different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, but this is where we as a company are far from. We still have a long way to go and would love to change this, together with you! So, if you are a Rockstar at heart, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or background, we challenge you to join us on an adventure to break the current status quo.

This is what energizes you

We believe in focus, which is why for the first 8 years of our existence, we only dealt with software developers. In mid-2022 we started Team Rockstars data where we will pass the 50 data rockstars this six months. The goal is to grow to 100 data rockstars in 3 years.

We are convinced that our way of working can come in other flavors besides software and data. Consider security, (automated) testing, ESG reporting, Cloud (infra) and low code.

We believe in two principles in terms of expanding our business: 1. Start separately. 2. Grow with what you know. That is:

  1. We are looking for an entrepreneur with skin in the game (shares) to start up a branch within Team Rockstars, and bring it to maturity within 3-5 years. Especially in terms of quality. We like to make an impact on our clients by providing high-level advice.
  2. You use the resources provided by Team Rockstars as much as possible. In addition, you will be working within the second best-known IT company in the Netherlands, with a huge attraction for talent and recruitment power, and with a large (regular) customer base. In addition, we have our own training institute (Rockademy), marketing machine, reporting system and back office running like clockwork.

What we expect from you:

As an entrepreneur within Team Rockstars, you are responsible for growing your branch to maturity. You do this in your own way, making Team Rockstars’ philosophy work for you.

As an entrepreneur, you are strong in both commercial and IT content. You can have a level conversation with the CIO of Essent, KPN or Kadaster while also not shying away from content. In addition, you have a can do mentality, you go for it!

You also easily know your way around our organization. Not only will you work intensively with our commercial apparatus, but you’ll easily connect with the marketing department to set up a campaign, and make sure the IT rockstars already at your target client are thinking with you to bring your IT rockstars in there as well.

You will additionally look for a team of people to help you achieve growth. You manage to forge a motivated team that helps achieve your goals. What that team should look like? We expect you to have a vision for that.

This is where you recognize yourself

  • Minimum 10 years of experience in the IT services market.
  • Minimum 5 years of commercial experience, you know how to deal with corporate and public clients.
  • Minimum of 5 years of leadership experience.
  • Boardroom presence. You can have a substantive conversation with a CIO about your branch.
  • You recognize yourself in our core values Heartfelt, Open, Energetic, Rebellious and Ambitious.
  • Can do mentality, “can’t doesn’t exist,” is right up your alley.
  • Working and thinking level at the academic level.

Want to build with us, and contribute to “disrupt the world of working with happiness”? Let us know!