the big gun show

Share your DevHappiness! Team Rockstars is rated an average of 8.7 by you and we are extremely proud of that. Do you also want to give others a dose of job satisfaction? Then nominate a potential rockstar to join Team Rockstars through the program of “The Great Gunshow.”


Who do you suggest as a new colleague?

  • You decide who joins the Rockstars family
  • Together we guard our culture and DNA
  • Create commercial opportunities for yourself or colleagues
  • Cool projects determine your job happiness
  • Healthy growth of our beautiful company

We believe in the strength of our Rockstars family. We know that you, like no one else, can determine that an assignment or person fits within our culture. In recent years, it has been proven time and again that it is through you that the most valuable Rockferrals come in.


WHAT will happen to the person you wish a job with us?

Transparency at its best! Your nominee can go through the following steps:

  • 1. Contact

  • 2. Application

  • 3. Hire


Will you contribute someone and help us continue to build our great company? We will keep you informed of every step your nominee goes through.


The rewards
  • 1st intake: a bold item from our Team Rockstars Merchandise collection

  • 2nd intake: THE Ducky One Keyboard worth 170EUR

  • Hire: obviously a wonderful bonus of 2500EUR gross*

* Qualified Rockferrals only. Check the terms and conditions here.

Terms of Rockferrals


Profiles Rockferral

Your lead is a: Software engineer, Solution architect, Product Owner, Scrum master, Cloud/DevOps Engineer or Automated Tester


3 Years Work Experience

Your Rockferral has at least 3 years of work experience


HBO thinking and working level

Your Rockferral has at least HBO thinking and working level.