What salary does a product owner earn?

As a product owner, you play a crucial role in the success of product development. But do you know what your market value is in terms of salary and benefits? Discover your market value as a product owner and increase the opportunity to earn more.

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It is important to stay abreast of salary trends and market value as a product owner. By knowing what is prevalent in the industry, you can optimize your salary and get the most out of your career.

Many Product Owners discover after hearing their market value that they are underpaid and that there is no transparency about the structure. Discover your market value with our tool and receive it on your 06 number within one business day. We only calculate your market value if you have demonstrable software engineering experience.

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As a product owner, it is important to know your market value. By understanding your market value, you can better negotiate salary and benefits that fit your responsibilities and expertise as a product owner. Moreover, it helps you develop a career path that matches your ambitions and goals within the role.

Salaries for product owners are often attractive given the value they add to the development process and the success of products. The market value of product owners has increased over time as companies recognize the essential role they play in defining the product vision, managing the backlog and facilitating stakeholder collaboration.


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As a product owner, you play a vital role in the success of product development and are responsible for defining the product vision, managing the backlog and facilitating collaboration among various stakeholders. Given the impact and responsibilities involved in this role, you can expect an attractive salary as a product owner.

The exact salary as a product owner varies depending on several factors, such as experience level, location, company size and industry. As you build more experience and seniority, your salary usually grows as well. This reflects the increasing expertise and responsibilities you carry as a product owner.

Salaries for product owners often reflect the value they add to the development process and the success of products. Product owners who can develop effective product strategies, implement customer focus and deliver value to stakeholders have higher market value and therefore can claim attractive salaries.

To optimize your salary as a product owner, it is advisable to continually invest in your professional development. Keep your knowledge up-to-date, stay abreast of new developments within product management and continually improve your skills. By demonstrating your value as a product owner and carrying out your responsibilities effectively, you can open doors to attractive salary opportunities.

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At Team Rockstars IT, we work with a 70/30 model. Also known as a midlance construction, or the midlance model. Because we believe that good performance should be rewarded, most (70%) of the revenue goes to those who really make a difference: we call them IT Rockstars!

Within this construction, the securities of permanent employment (at least monthly 55% of your own turnover, comparable to a market-based fixed salary) are combined with the freedoms from being self-employed: you choose your own projects. As a rule, software developers advance 25% to 40% at Team Rockstars IT, naturally continuing to make annual strides as their market value grows.

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