15 februari

IT must be Love.

On Feb. 15, 2024, it’s time again for the legendary “IT must be love” event! After last year’s resounding success – where we witnessed the birth of a true love couple – we are back with more love and more unforgettable dates! Are you single and ready to meet someone who really suits you? Or are you already in a relationship and want to surprise your partner with a unique love date? This is your chance!

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Heart Hunt: Find Your Match in the Adventure of Love.

Hi single star! We are willing to do anything – but everything – to find the very best date for you. Of course, we cannot make any guarantees as to whether it will be a match made in heaven. What we do guarantee is a totally catered evening with all the ingredients for a romantic date. To find the best match for you, it’s nice if we know a few things about you. Fine if you can be as honest and complete as possible about this while filling out the form. We use this information extremely confidentially and only to find a good match for you.

het bewijs dat daten wel werkt

Where Cupid’s Arrows Hit.

Last year we had more than 50 applications from brave love-stars and some beautiful romances emerged! So Cupid can hit the mark with you too!

So, why shouldn’t you participate? Who knows, you just might find someone who makes your heart beat faster, lights up your messages with emojis and fills your days with love and giggles. Our Valentine event is your chance to star in your own romantic comedy.

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Celebrate love!

Of course we don’t forget the happy in love couples either! Because what could be more romantic than going on a fabulous date together during Valentine’s Day during the “IT Must Be Love” event.

This is your chance to make the sparks fly even more! During our unique “Note to My Sweetheart” moment, you will have the chance to surprise each other with sweet, inspiring words.

But wait, there’s more! We challenge you with a series of passion-filled questions that will bring you closer together. Discover new sides of each other and share your deepest dreams and desires. It’s time to show how well you really know each other!

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Register via the button below and we’ll see you with lots of love on Feb. 15.