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Road aRound (the) Table.

This fall, Team Rockstars IT experts are traveling the country to share their experiences and knowledge in the field of



Green Code



. As many as 3 times you get the chance to participate in the breakfast table to slide met like-minded people to talk about these topics, put challenges on the table and get an inside look in the IT department of our partners.

Donderdag 7 december 2023 | Apeldoorn

complex systems to organization benefits

Hosted by: Marcel van Brakel | Principal Consultant

Technical level: (c-level) IT management

Observability tools provide insight into (cloud) costs, revenues and system flows. As IT architectures become increasingly complex, it is difficult to discover without help exactly where things are going wrong in a system, how the TCO is evolving relate to e business case and where any bottlenecks in the IT and Business flows are.

Not only are the architectures more comprehensive, but the various components are increasingly interconnected. As a result, you don’t have a quick overview of all the different parts and how they affect each other and the overall system.

Whereas monitoring used to provide enough insight, observability needed today to make complex systems understandable again. As a result, you can avoid problems before be instead of reactive solving when users experience problems. It’s about how to use the data at your disposal in a valuable way to arrive at new insights. You can then develop and prove these new insights substantiated by data.

When is this round table interesting to you?

  • You can’t see the forest for the trees in your IT landscape

  • High complexity of the IT landscape

  • Scalability and agility of code and infrastructure leaves much to be desired

  • You want to improve the user experience of the product

  • Forecast IT problems instead of acting reactively

  • You want to understand hidden opportunities such as products, service and revenue

Vrijdag 8 december 2023 | Amsterdam

Code for a Greener Tomorrow:

Navigating Green Software Development

Hosted by: Marco Kuiper | Principal Consultant & Software Quality specialist

Technical level: (c-level) IT/MVO management

“Green Software” refers to the development and implementation of software applications with a strong focus on environmental awareness and sustainability. In this rapidly digitizing world, software solutions play an increasing role in our daily lives, but they also bring challenges. Growing digitalization has led to an increase in the energy consumption and environmental impact of data centers, devices and software applications. It is critical that we become aware of these problems and take action.


  • Energy consumption
    Running data centers and running software applications requires significant amounts of energy, often from unsustainable sources.

  • Electronic waste
    Rapid technological advances are creating a growing pile of electronic waste, placing a huge burden on the environment.

  • Climate impact

    The IT sector is responsible for significant CO2 emissions, contributing to climate change.

When is this round table interesting to you?

  • Gain insight into sustainability issues and challenges in the IT sector.

  • Gain knowledge about the latest developments and best practices to promote “Green Software.”

  • Get inspiration to make your own organization more sustainable and contribute to a greener future

Dinsdag 12 december 2023 | Den Bosch

Multicloud Adoption: optimized cloud transition

Hosted by: David de Hoop | Special Agent & Solution Architect

Technical level: (c-level) IT management

More and more organizations have made their way to the cloud found, but often choose one cloud provider and this is by no means always the best choice. Your IT landscape dependent from one provider can have unwanted side effects such as vendor lock-in, higher monthly costs and the lack of features. You also build a dependency to one supplier, something that does not exactly help your negotiating position. Commit to multicloud solves these problems.

By using multiple and specialized cloud providers, for example, you can significantly reduce costs, take advantage of the best features that each cloud provider offers and you can choose which provider suits you best by application and market. Nowadays, there are multiple solutions to make your applications cloud agnostic to develop and also cloud governance tools and resources are available across providers. This makes applying a multicloud strategy anno 2023 a lot easier and less labor intensive making it a good addition to your IT landscape.

When is this round table interesting to you?

  • Organizations that either are not yet in the cloud or are having trouble choosing a single cloud provider.

  • Organizations that provide a lot of resource intensive services or have applications that require a lot of computing power or storage (such as AI/ML, Data Platforms).

  • Organizations that fear vendor lock-in or want to avoid it as much as possible.

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road around (the) table

locatie: Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Apeldoorn
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