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CLOUD TRANSITION: people, process and technology

Thursday, March 28 | 08.00 – 10.00 | Utrecht area


Over 33% of cloud migrations appear not to be fully completed, where in addition to a technical challenge, support within the entire organization has a major impact on success. What can we learn from Volksbank in this?

When you move to the cloud, it requires much more than just a technically qualitative migration strategy. You run into challenges such as convincing stakeholders and carrying the vision within the organization. That always extends beyond IT. What do you do when cloud costs rise faster than expected? And what if there is doubt among the rest of the organization as to whether the cloud will actually benefit them?

Another Volksbank challenge was how to bring the IT teams into the new way of working, this requires a different mindset, collaboration and knowledge, with Volksbank using platform teams and cloud advocates.

During the round table breakfast session on March 28, Jeroen van de Pol, product owner cloud, and Terry Akkers, lead cloud transformation at Volksbank, share their best practices and challenges of the cloud migration journey. Led by the two gentlemen, we will discuss the challenges below based on the Volksbank case. Here, the goal is to learn from different industries and perspectives around cloud migration.

“Put someone at the helm with mandate who dares to make choices.”

Technology how to make technology more efficient, secure and fun without reinventing the wheel around security, compliance, connectivity, and more?

People how do you bring different stakeholders along to implement the new way of working without them feeling that their freedom is restricted? And how do you make sure everyone has the right knowledge to make it their own?

Process how do you create a strategy that achieves the objectives while being resilient to deal with the unexpected situations and interests that challenge them along the way?

On March 28, we will share best practices and challenges from forward-thinking IT managers from various industries during the round table breakfast session.

About Volksbank
– Complex stakeholder landscape and interests as parent company of SNS, ASN, Regiobank and BLG wonen
– Ambitious sustainability and social impact goals to be 75% climate neutral by 2025 and focus on data security and privacy.
– Extra complex with simultaneous agile tranisition: in 2022, the Volksbank started working according to agile principles, with which they want to become more agile and customer-oriented. The transformation to an agile organization takes about two to three years. One uniform way of working applies to everyone: the “the Volksbank cooperation model.

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