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ARE YOU A DEVELOPER FROM the region of limburg?

Limburg, the province with its magnificent picturesque landscapes and beautiful hills! Wao vastelaovundj by eederein wirt geveerd, wao op eedere paar kilomeater ein ander dialect te huure, en wao vlaoi als ontbijt wirt gegeate.

Don’t worry, we’ll switch to Dutch 😉 With clients such as Company X, Company Y and Company Z, it is important for you as a software engineer to know your market value in this region. This will help you plan your career in a focused way and better choose which projects suit you.

Software engineering in limburg

As a company from Den Bosch, the trip to our southernmost province of Limburg is easily made. A province home to many large organizations, also given its geographic location in relation to our neighboring countries. Because more and more Limburg Rockstars also joined us, we decided in mid-2023 to establish a first Limburg Chapter where developers from Maastricht, Heerlen and Venlo, among others, feel at home.

The purpose of this Chapter? Live, work and relax in your own region.

With our clients in this region, such as company X, company Y and company Z among others located in Limburg, as a developer you have a wide choice of employers and projects here.

In our Chapter you will find a close-knit community that is tight-knit, warm, cozy, down-to-earth and burgundy. Just act normal and respect each other, work hard, and …. celebrate carnival even harder! Or wait, we call that Vastelaovundj here, of course. A mix of Back-End Developers, Front-End Developers, Test Automation Engineers, Scrum Masters, Architects and Cloud Specialists. Our southernmost Rockstar lives in Eijsden, the northernmost we meet in Venray.

In addition to the Rockstars, the Limburg Account Manager and Limburg Talent Manager are also part of the Chapter. As a result, we are always close by for our Rockstars and clients, and we speak the same language (literally!)! Because, our experience shows: Limburgers like to work with Limburgers – and preferably in dialect.


What do our rockstars say?

This new fresh chapter Roermond I experienced as a warm welcome at my start @ Rockstars!

Helping these top performers take a step forward in their personal leadership, career and job happiness; what a privilege to do so!

I have only been with Team Rockstars IT for 1.5 years and have already had the opportunity to participate in so many things, from JFall to recording a podcast. You immediately feel part of the company.

Work happiness at 1, that’s what they do their best for at Team Rockstars IT!

haal het beste uit jouw carrière

Craft your career.

No career path is the same. That’s why we offer jobcrafting, which means you can shape your career with us yourself. We believe in the power of knowledge, talent and personality, which is why we have our own development program called Rockademy.



If you work as a software engineer in Limburg, it is also important to know your market value. Knowing your market value can help you negotiate salary and benefits, and can also help you feel confident and secure in your career.

Fill out the tool to find out what salary you should get as software engineers. You will receive your market value from us within one business day at the 06 number you provided. If you wish, we will remove your number afterwards.

Wondering if you should be earning more? We are going to figure this out for you.

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70/30 model

Working in Team Rockstars IT’s 70/30 model means no risk. You get a permanent contract right away and you always get the same fixed salary, even if you don’t have an assignment for a while.

Your fixed salary grows annually with your hourly rate. In addition to the fixed part, you will also earn a variable salary. This is the difference between the fixed revenue you get and your total 70% revenue.

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