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In 2013, an initiative started by three roommates: a student, a marine and a lead developer. Their idea was to sell Bitcoins because at that time there was only one Bitcoin company in the Netherlands that charged a 30 percent margin.

“We figured that if we are good to the customer, we would get good reviews,” Julian said. And that turned out to be a good strategy. “On the first day we already sold a thousand Bitcoins and then thirty to forty thousand a day. Then we had to decide quickly: should we go for it completely or stop?”


Professionalization through rapid growth

Anycoindirect grew from three to 50 people in a short time, including IT Rockstars.“With us Rockstars are just as much Anycoiners, they also have heart for the business,” says Julian.

This growth called for a professionalization effort. “Bitcoin is one of the fastest growing, volatile industries. Competitors are constantly updating themselves. In addition, there are many new companies and thus many hijackers on the coast. If you do nothing, your value falls away.” Thus Julian underscores the importance of innovating.

Anycoin’s old platform was not modular. That made it difficult to test and the developers were in each other’s way when working on the code at the same time. In addition, with over half a million customers, the company needed to increase scalability and wanted to further optimize ease of use. With a new platform, they have managed to do this.


Monolithic system

In the form of event sourcing, Anycoindirect stores data by event. “If someone changes his or her name, it is logged,” Julian explains. “For example, we can clearly see changes on a weekly basis. We can also detect bugs better.”

In the process, all events are encrypted. “Adjusting data is not possible. That’s good for a fair, reliable, auditable system.”

The company has expanded on the ease of use with more information in the roadmap. “At each step there are questions that most people wonder about with the answers. The customer benefits from not having to google”.

Anycoindirect also switched to a monolithic system: “Now we can update just the price API without affecting other parts of the site,” Julian explains. “In addition, it takes developers less time, which in turn contributes to productivity and thus business.” Furthermore, this allows scalability by site component to be adjusted as needed.


New platform

Julian was able to make this new platform a reality thanks to his team of developers, including several IT Rockstars with more specific knowledge. “We buy knowledge this way that makes our own team richer: they learn a lot from Rockstars,” says Julian. “This contributes to the quality of our regular people. It gives them new information, knowledge and insights.”

Julian sees that many project leaders struggle with innovation choices. “Many you hear say, ‘we need to go to the Cloud,’ but don’t think beyond the fancy term. They don’t consult with programmers, even though they are the ones who know about it.”

Making decisions together with your people is Julian’s advice. “In doing so, stay close to who you are and what you need.” But also, “Dare to take risks and dare to go with new technology”.

“We buy knowledge in this way that makes our own team richer: they learn a lot from Rockstars.”

Julian van der Wijst, Co-founder Anycoindirect

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