contribute your lead

Rock those yellow glasses! How many times have you heard it, the famous expression we all know, seeing something through rose-colored glasses. The rose-colored glasses in which you put yourself, as a new IT person, finds himself. But look through our yellow glasses, who or what project do you see?

do business together

New Business Leads

High impact

Are you in a directing role with a client? We challenge you to look especially at consulting & project assignments.


New Rockstar Leads

it's a match

Thanks to your knowledge of our fine company and the person you bring on, we are sure there will be a culture-match.

yellow glasses

Rockstar DNA


You decide who will be our new colleague, or what new project we can rock together.

WHY new rockstar & new business leads

As Team Rockstars, we want to work with the best engineers and be able to offer the coolest assignments to you. And who better to involve in this growth process than you, our very own IT Rockstars?

Practical experience shows that doing business together contributes enormously to the creation of new opportunities. Because of your amazingly good qualities and accomplishments as an IT Rockstar, we get better in the (yellow) sights of clients, and know which Rockferrals could be a really good fit. All thanks to you as gatekeepers.

growth mindset

Growth allows us to push technology boundaries, attract top clients, and provide challenging career opportunities for our IT Rockstars. When you bring us a new lead, you directly contribute to our mission to innovate the IT world and strengthen our team. This makes us not only a force in the market, but also a magnet for top IT talent.



Transparency at its best! Your lead may go through the following steps:

  • 1. Contact

  • 2. Job application / client appointment
  • 3. Hire / New Project


Will you contribute someone and help us continue to build our great company? We keep you informed of every step your lead goes through.

Will someone or a project be hired? Then you will receive a nice bonus.

The rewards
  • IT Rockstar 2,500.00 gross*

  • New project 1,250 gross

  • Commercial full-time staff positions 2,000,- gross* (IT Recruiter, Talent Manager, Account Manager)

  • Staff positions 1,000.00 gross*

  • 0-hour contract, evening callers, interns 250,- gross*

* The amount of bonus when your referral is hired and past his/her probationary period.